NCOC N.V. Ethics Hotline

Successful report criteria

For effective review of reports about fraud and illegal or unethical behavior in business, your report should include full, detailed information based on facts and real accidents you saw your own eyes. Attached documents that proved your report can be very useful for agents.

Be proactive – Report the incident as soon as you become aware of it;
Be unbiased – Your message should stick to the facts of the case only; avoid expressing your personal opinion about the case and the individuals involved or your attitude towards them;
Be complete and accurate – Provide information that is as complete and accurate as possible; give as much information as you can about the case, such as dates, the names and positions of the employees involved and related persons, company names, addresses, etc.;
Provide back up – Back up your message by providing accompanying materials that can confirm the facts you are reporting, such as supporting documents or references to such documents or specific persons who can provide confirmation.

Keep in mind that your cooperation is the basis of effective counteraction against illegal or unethical behavior in business.